Executive Summary

NAI Black is a proven leader in commercial brokerage and property management services, serving the Inland Northwest region for over 50 years. With the dedication and expertise of our agents, we are committed to realizing the maximum potential of our clients’ real estate investments while providing unparalleled service that delivers superior results across the full spectrum of sectors for owners, investors, developers, and occupiers.

Market Area

Our primary service area encompasses Spokane County in Washington and Kootenai and Bonner Counties in North Idaho; however, our overall market penetration is comprised of Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Montana.


NAI Black’s selection of commercial brokerage and property management services for owners, investors, developers, and occupiers demonstrates our broad range of expertise and market knowledge. Let us design a scope of real estate services that is specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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Looking Back: The Legacy of James S. Black

Thu, 23 Apr 2015 20:34:33 Z
Looking back on the past 57 years, we have a lot to be proud of. As one of the top-producing real estate agencies in Washington State, NAI Black has built a solid reputation for delivering results to our clients. We have also been directly involved with numerous development projects benefiting the growth and revitalization of

Six Fire Prevention Tips for Landlords and Property Managers

Tue, 21 Apr 2015 22:56:53 Z
Fire is by far the most destructive form of disaster that your property may face. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, fire departments in the United States responded to 366,600 home and apartment fires per year during 2007-2011. In those fires, 2,570 people died and 13,210 were injured. They caused $7.2 billion in property

Black Realty Management Acquires Three New Property Management Contracts

Thu, 16 Apr 2015 22:27:29 Z
The multifamily division of Black Realty Management, Inc., has recently acquired new property management contracts for three Spokane area associations – The Cliffhouse Condo Association, the Ferris Garden Court Condo Association and The Estates at Highland Park Home Owners Association. Black Realty Management, Inc. has a past history of condo and homeowner association management and with

Four Preventative Steps to Avoid a Costly Sewage Backup Disaster

Tue, 14 Apr 2015 20:39:48 Z
A backed up sewage line can create extensive, costly damage to a property and can present a health issue for the occupants until it is cleaned up by a remediation specialist. Taking preventative steps to avoid such an event from happening or from causing further damage if it has already occurred, could save you a

The Linneman Letter Spring 2015 Preview

Thu, 09 Apr 2015 19:40:31 Z
We are pleased to present The Linneman Letter Spring 2015 Preview. In this excerpt, Dr. Linneman addresses oil economics and what this means for the real estate sector. View and download the excerpt here. The Linneman Letter is a quarterly publication highly regarded by commercial real estate investors worldwide. It is also relevant for anyone seeking to

Tenant Spotlight: Colleen M Stevens Financial Services

Tue, 07 Apr 2015 19:46:30 Z
Office Space: Schade Towers, 528 E. Spokane Falls Boulevard, Spokane, WA 99202 Tenant Since: October 2014 Colleen M Stevens Financial Services is a financial planning firm that recently moved into the historic Schade Towers building located in the heart of Spokane’s up-and-coming University District. We took a moment to ask Colleen a couple questions about her decision to

Lease vs. Own: 4 Questions to Guide Your Decision

Tue, 31 Mar 2015 10:30:01 Z
Businesses often come to us for help with evaluating and considering the benefits of leasing versus owning commercial real estate. Here are four key questions to consider when comparing leasing and ownership options for your business. What is the best location for my business? How much will my business grow in the next five to ten years? Do

Apartment Spotlight: Rockcliffe Apartments

Mon, 23 Mar 2015 09:00:33 Z
When traveling Southeast Boulevard on Spokane’s South Hill, you’ve undoubtedly seen the expansive community known as the Rockcliffe Apartments. This community embodies Spokane’s motto of “Near Nature, Near Perfect,” as it is nestled between Lincoln Park to the North, and a protected duck pond to the South, with trees and wildlife throughout the community. It

NAI Black is Accepting Rent Payments Online

Mon, 16 Mar 2015 22:33:26 Z
We are happy to announce that NAI Black is starting to offer the option for our tenants to make their rent payments online using RentPayment.com! This feature will allow tenants to pay their rent any time, in a convenient and secure way. Payments can be made online via a link contained on each residential property’s website

What Many Real Estate Investors Miss During Due Diligence

Wed, 11 Mar 2015 18:42:59 Z
When a real estate investor enters into a purchase and sale agreement for the purchase of a property, that purchase and sale agreement (PSA) usually provides for a specified period of time for the buyer to inspect the property and its related financial records. This process is commonly referred to as due diligence.  Due diligence